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"Pro Laser Light Show " from: NZ199.95

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Pro Laser Light Show Description: Add the Pro Laser Light Show to your own DJ equipment set, to give that extra vibe of a nightclub atmosphere with over 100 sound activated laser patterns to choose from! Ideal for bars, clubs, house parties or family functions.... Read More about the "Pro Laser Light Show " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Lohostar Laser Projector Speaker " from: NZ149.95

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Lohostar Laser Projector Speaker Description: Create a laser and sound experience for any occasion with this colour changing green laser projector that syncronises it`s projection display to the beat of your desired music track. It`s awesome!... Read More about the "Lohostar Laser Projector Speaker " on the Latest Buy NZ Website


"Executive Time Projector " from: NZ89.95

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Executive Time Projector Description: Time to project a good impression? This clock provides a pure light analogue face display that can be clearly focused on a surface 43 centimetres to 8 metres away. Can be desk, ceiling or wall mounted & features a fully animated sweeping second hand.... Read More about the "Executive Time Projector " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Disco Light Chaser " from: NZ89.95

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Disco Light Chaser Description: Allow the Disco Light Chaser to give your party that professional edge, with your very own automated light-show to match your music`s tempo. What better way to complement your mix-mastery?... Read More about the "Disco Light Chaser " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Bbq Night Light " from: NZ59.95

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Bbq Night Light Description: Why be inconvenienced by bringing the BBQ to the light, when you can bring the light to the BBQ! Our BBQ Night Light features a magnetic stand, adjustable goose neck and countdown food could say it`s both rare and well done!... Read More about the "Bbq Night Light " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Temperature Sensing Led Shower Head " from: NZ49.95

Temperature Sensing Led Shower Head Description: Turn your daily shower into an amazing sensory experience! The Temperature Sensing LED Shower Head allows you to know at a glance whether the water is too hot, too cold or just right.... Read More about the "Temperature Sensing Led Shower Head " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Animated Space Invaders El T-shirt " from: NZ49.95

Animated Space Invaders El T-shirt Description: In 1978, the video game Space Invaders was born and changed the face of entertainment forever. Everywhere you looked those pixelated little aliens were marching down screens across the world - and now they`ve invaded wardrobes via this animated shirt!... Read More about the "Animated Space Invaders El T-shirt " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Rotating Disco Ball W/ Led Spotlights " from: NZ39.95

Rotating Disco Ball W/ Led Spotlights Description: Don`t you just hate it when you`re out clubbing in full swing party mode and the lights come on to mark the end of the night...Well now you can keep the party going all night long with the Rotating Disco Ball with LED Spotlights. Take the disco home.... Read More about the "Rotating Disco Ball W/ Led Spotlights " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Gummybear Lamps " from: NZ39.95

Jailbreak Toys
Gummybear Lamps Description: These delightful lamps look and feel just like a real gummy bear - without the stickiness! Squeeze its belly to turn it on and the high-powered LED light will illuminate your room and add colourful ambiance. Best of all, you Best can wall mount it too!... Read More about the "Gummybear Lamps " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Party Light Strobe " from: NZ39.95

Party Light Strobe Description: There`s nothing better than a strobe to hide those less-than-perfect dance moves. Portable, easy to operate and with a variable flash rate...go on, craft your own club.... Read More about the "Party Light Strobe " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Motion Sensor Table Lamp " from: NZ34.95

Motion Sensor Table Lamp Description: A motion activated sensor desk light with 8 LED???s to provide a great lighting. It senses movement and automatically switches on. Very easy to use and requires no installation. Helps make your home safer and more secure.... Read More about the "Motion Sensor Table Lamp " on the Latest Buy NZ Website

"Rc Colour Changing Light Bulb " from: NZ34.95

Rc Colour Changing Light Bulb Description: Every wished you could change the colour of your room? Wish it was blue? Well, with the Remote Magic bulb your wish can come true. It can light up your room in your chosen color just by selecting the color on the remote. You can even set the brightness.... Read More about the "Rc Colour Changing Light Bulb " on the Latest Buy NZ Website




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