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Wedding Gifts

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Fishpond 5 star

Home appliances are a welcomed Wedding gift. See Fishponds range of electrical appliances for the Kitchen, Laundry, Bed and Bathroom from Slow Cookers to Vaccuums and all time favourite Toaster and Kettles. Excellent online prices and fast free delivery for orders over $49 throughout New ZealandFishpond

Fishpond accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, Cheque and Direct Deposit and ship throughout NZ

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Wedding Gifts from New Zealand Fine Prints

Wedding Gifts from New Zealand Fine Prints 5 star

A well framed print makes a unique Wedding Gift that will be remembered for many years. New Zealand Fine Prints hold in stock all New Zealand fine art prints currently in print and most original prints by NZ artists as well as art prints from the Masters. Buy a Gift Voucher for the newly weds, or have your gift wrapped free of charge and delivered.Wedding Gifts from New Zealand Fine Prints

Pay by cheque, direct credit, or securely online with your credit card plus they offer a full 14-day replace or refund guarantee - Delivery throughout NZ and world wide

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Ohtel  5 star

A romantic night away at the Ohtel is a wonderful gift for the lucky couple. This 10 room boutique Hotel is located in Wellington's exclusive seaside neighbourhood of Oriental Bay. Furnished with a unique collection of mid-centry pieces these luxurious rooms will ensure a night to remember Ohtel

Check insite for Special Offers - Book online

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The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift 4 star

The Perfect Gift is a New Zealand based online shopping Department Store and private Wedding Gift Registry. Shop for yourself or your home, or send a Special Occasion gift beautifully wrapped with a card to a friend or loved one.The Perfect Gift

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