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Sport and Leisure Stores

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Smart Marine

Smart Marine 4 star

Supplier of marine accessories, inflatable boats, marine electronics, sports fishing and motorhome equipment.

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Rugby Post

Rugby Post 3 star

An online New Zealand rugby shop stocking All Black, Super 12, NPC and Canterbury shirts, jerseys, gear and apparel.

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Point5 3 star

Suppliers of equipment, accessories and clothing for watersports enthusiasts - For sport in, on or under the water.

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Team Kiwi Racing

Team Kiwi Racing 3 star

Team Kiwi Racing Supporters gear. Shop online for Jackets, Bibs, Coolers, Drivers Caps Flags and heaps more. Find driver profiles, the latest news on the cars and check out the supporters club.

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Kingfishers Flyshack

Kingfishers Flyshack 3 star

Shop online for Fly reels, rods, lines and leaders, floats and sinkers, Lefty Kreh TiCr fly rods, Teton fly reels, fly fishing equipment and accessories available online at Kingfishers Flyshack New Zealand's fly fishing guide-endorsed Tackle Shop.

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