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Downunder Insurance

Downunder Insurance 5 star

Travel Insurance to travellers and residents in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Basic and highly comprehensive policies available for backpackers, gap-year students, travellers and holiday makers up to 55 years of age.Downunder Insurance

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1Cover 5 star

1Cover Travel Insurance offers a wide range of covers to suit your travelling needs. They offer single trip cover, multi-trip cover, backpacker, medical only and ski insurance.

1cover travel insurance offers instant travel insurance up to 50% cheaper than your travel agent

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TOWER Insurance

TOWER Insurance 3 star

TOWER - Car, Home, Contents and Travel Insurance, Health and Life Insurance, Superannuation, Savings and Investment plus Employee and Group solutions. Quotes available online

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AMI Insurance

AMI Insurance 3 star

AMI Insurance for Vehicles, Houses, Contents, Motorcycles, Caravans and Trailers, Farms and Boats.

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State Insurance

State Insurance 3 star

Find Personal policies for your home, contents, car, health, boat and travel items. Business Policies to protect your investment, assets and income and Travel Insurance for people going overseas from New Zealand.

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