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Fishpond 5 star

NZ's largest online bookstore - From Children's to Fiction and Literature, Fantasy, History, Humour and more. Not just Books, Fishpond have an extensive range of Music - Rock and Pop, Classical, Soundtracks and Heavy Metal. Movies - TV Series, Comedy, Drama and Comedy along with excellent online prices and fast delivery throughout New Zealand

Fishpond accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express, Cheque and Direct Deposit

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SeekBooks 5 star

Excellent prices and range - SeekBooks stock over 1 million titles for immediate delivery - A feast of titles just a click away! Fast search for books by title, author, or keyword plus they offer Bargain Books up to 70% off. Seekbooks most popular searches - Best Sellers - Gift Vouchers - Books in the Movies - Award Winners - Ships Next Day - Bargain Books - New Zealand Travel - All Blacks and Rugby

SeekBooks accept all Major Credit Cards - Gift wrap is available for a small fee, you'll find the option at the checkout - Flat rate shipping for 1 or more books throughout New Zealand via New Zealand Post

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The Nile

The Nile 5 star

A great selection of local books plus a huge range of overseas titles deliverable to your doorstep. Excellent prices - cheap-as-chips shipping rates of $5 per order or Free for orders over $50. They also have a full range of student textbooks with cheaper prices than campus bookstores - The Nile offers gift wrapping on books that have Shipping Available 5-7 business days and 6-10 business days for an extra $3 to $4 - details at checkout!

Deliveries within NZ are made by courier - The Nile accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express, EFT or Cheque

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isubscribeNZ 5 star

Find all your favourite magazines online at iSubscribe New Zealand. They carry local and national magazines, trade and newspaper titles and a selection of international titles online.

Payment Options, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, PayPal and NZ Post PostShops

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Go to now 5 star

A 100% New Zealand owned shop where you can buy books online. With thousands of new books for sale at some of the lowest prices. Save up to 40% off books by buying online and earn valuable rewards points with every

Spend $40.00 to get free shipping - Payment via Credit card, Bank transfer and Cheque

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Go to Amazon  now


Amazon  5 star

The worlds largest book store - With reviews on most titles you'll also find Years Best titles, Popular Pre-orders, Award Winners, Textbooks, Movers and Shakers, Amazon Books Blog, Editors' Picks and much more

Shop online at for Best sellers, New and future releases, Magazines and Bargain books

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Go to Products From New Zealand now

Products From New Zealand

Products From New Zealand 5 star

A range of stunning photographs of New Zealand scenery, specialising in scenic New Zealand coffee table books, scenic New Zealand calendars, classic Kiwi yarns, and practical 'How-to'-books.

Payment via credit card and PayPal

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Go to now 4 star

A 100% New Zealand owned company where you can save up to 40% - Huge range from Childrens books to Law, Home and Garden to Sci-Fi - orders over $75 will be shipped for free otherwise flat rate shipping of $3.50 to anywhere in New Zealand - all Major credit cards accepted

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Go to Pathfinder Book Shop now

Pathfinder Book Shop

Pathfinder Book Shop 3 star

Pathfinder bookshop specialises in books for the mind body and spirit. Shop online for self help books and books that deal with stress, depression and psychotherapy to breakthrough books containing alternative health information.

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Go to Resource Books now

Resource Books

Resource Books 3 star

A small boutique publisher situated on the edge of Auckland at Waimauku they have an extensive collection of Resource Books and Journals

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Go to New Zealand Books now

New Zealand Books

New Zealand Books 3 star

Shop online from over 10,000 NZ book titles. From Agriculture and farming to Poetry and Politics and History and health to Childrens books and non fiction. Books are delivered straight to your door.

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Go to Paperplus Books now

Paperplus Books

Paperplus Books 3 star - easy online shopping for Popular Titles in Children's Fiction, General Fiction, Biographies, Business & Management, Cooking, Fitness & Diet and Family Health.

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